At Grill N Roll, we love engaging with our customers on social media!

We want to make sure everyone has a great experience while interacting with us online, so we’ve put together some guidelines for our social media channels:

Keep it friendly

We welcome all types of feedback and comments, but please keep things respectful and friendly. We won’t tolerate hate speech or bullying of any kind.

Stay on topic

We love discussing food, cooking, and all things grill-related! However, let’s try to keep the conversations on topic and relevant to our brand.

Watch your language

We’re all adults here, but let’s keep it clean. Please don’t use any profanity or vulgar language.

Be honest

If you’re promoting our restaurant or sharing your experience with others, we appreciate your honesty. Just make sure you’re not spreading any false information or making any misleading claims.

Protect your privacy

We respect your privacy and will never ask for any personal information on social media. Please don’t share any personal information about yourself or others.

Have fun

We want everyone to have a great time interacting with us on social media. Feel free to share your photos, tag us in your posts, and let us know what you love about Grill N Roll!

Thanks for being a part of our social media community! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

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